I want you to want to live;

Do you feel like your alone. Do you feel empty, broken or damedged. If you do please read.

Now I’m not gonna give you a bunch of crap. I’m not gonna say its gonna be OK through time, because it might not be. But I am gonna tell you I know what your going through. I’ve dealt/dealing with depression/ anxiety. And it sucks. It makes you feel alone and hopeless! Trust me.

I want you to want to live. I want you to think about all the amazing things you can/will do if you stay alive!!

Ive wantes to kill myself before. Ive thought about all the ways I could do it, and the most pain-less ways.

If you ever feel alone or think aboit killing yourself, think about all the new movies that ate gonna come out that you’ll never get to watch of you die. Think about the new games, think about the awsome people you could meet, or think about how you just being alive can help so many people who are dealing with what your dealing with stay alive. You are truly amazing, and you being alive can help so many other people. Even if all you do is give a homeless person $5 or tell someone their beautiful. That could change someones whole day or even their whole life! I love you so much and so do SO MANY PEOPLE! I know that when you have depression or anxiety you dont wanna here all the stuff people have to say, because all you wanna do is lock your self away from the world. But listen to me, getting out and talking to people about what your going through can help. Take it from someone whos attempted suicde but no one has notice, or has had very bad depression but no one sees that because I hide it all behind my fake smile. Take a breath, listen to your favorite song, go out side look at how beautiful it is. Please live, not for me, not for your family & not for your friends, but for YOU. Life will not get easier it will only get harder. But it depends on the way you take it, or the way you walk through it. Be happy and love more! Life is so amazing. Ues it has its ups and downs and sometimes it has more downs then ups. but if you quit now, then you’ll never find out what those ups are.

Once you’ve decided to live. Tell your story because it could help so many peopleđź’“

Next time you think that cutting is your only choice, take a break, and draw a semicolon on your hand/wrist! Aka this thing ;

Its symbolizes when an author could have chosen to end their story but decided not to, but in this case the author is you and the story is your life. And look at it over and over again and believe in life and liveđź’•